Week 25 – Commencement

What great timing to be at ‘Commencement’ for MKMMA the week leading into our annual company convention!  Realizing the intense ‘structured’ aspect of the course is shifting to self-reliance has been interesting and challenging.  Just as freedom comes with a dose of fear I find that continuing Og’s reading and the rest of the habits comforting in this transition.  Sort of like taking the training wheels off the bike.

Since we are heading into ‘Laughter’ tomorrow I thought it might be appropriate to share this short, comical hero’s journey by James Corden as ‘Belle’.  Enjoy…


Week 24 – The Truth Shall Make You Free!

When I first saw the title “Love is the Killer App” I was taken aback by the language contradiction.  Upon reflection, it is just the competitive world looking for language and shock value to say that the highest vibration prevails or as our lesson states it is only thing that is real.  What an awesome way to conclude the lessons and there are plenty of love themes in songs coming to mind which echo “love is all you need”.

The challenge is to see love to grow love.  By going within and seeing only love its vibration expands outward.  I see why Haanel describes it as elegantly simple and the greatest ‘hero’s journey’ to take on.  Thank Universal Mind for my guides, mentors and mastermind partners!

Week 23- Self Reliance

As I work my way through Emerson’s essay on Self Reliance insights come to mind about helping people when it is truly needed and beneficial versus providing ‘help’ that is really enslavement to dependency and mediocrity.  It is interesting that Emerson witnessed a real slave auction in Florida and I wonder what his essays would read like were he alive today and witnessing the mind enslavement of masses of people today.

I fell in love with Network Marketing in 1985 for its level playing field and the give more, get more philosophy built into the core business structure.  Low barrier to entry and the upside potential is only limited by the 6 inches between one’s ears.

I suspect Mr. Emerson would be especially happy with the business model as well.

Thank you Waldo!

Week 22a-Competitive mind vs. Creative Mind

Love the distinction Wallace Wattles makes between the competitive mind as distinct from the creative mind and that there is no limit to what I can create when aligned with my good that does not take from anyone else’s good.  Where the competitive mind sees only limitation (there can be only one or there is only so much pie to go around), the creative mind sees only unlimited abundance and joyously expands to manifest the creation.

I also see why this mental work is the hardest type of work given the competitive examples in society and the world.  To quote Kermit “it ain’t easy being green”, especially in a monochromatic world.  I have generally preferred to ‘compete’ with myself, to challenge my skills for myself rather than to ‘beat’ others.  Sports like football were a joy to play in the neighborhood and ceased being fun when meanness became the norm, so I choose the dive team on the swim team so I could challenge my fears and win my own victories.  This tendency played a big part in walking away from ‘fitting into’ corporate America in my 20’s and finding a home in network marketing where Wattles philosophy is foundational to success and growth.

Thanks again for your work and passion Mark, Davene and Team!

Week 22 -Thinking Habits Set the Stage

We learn in lesson 22 that habitual thoughts manifest in our health outcomes.  Worry, anxiety, fear etc. shut down the ‘waste disposal systems” lead to autointoxication  and ‘with rare exception’  are the ’cause of all disease’ and that ‘nourishing foods and strengthening tonics’ are but secondary manifestations to life.  While the primacy of power of thought cannot be argued, he wrote these words more than 100 years ago with the assumption that ‘food, water and air are the only requisites necessary for the construction of the cells’.  I would posit that food water and air may well have been taken for granted as far as nutrient density in food and water and air quality and may deserve current consideration in health outcomes given the changes in soil microbiology in modern farm operations which has lead to documented declines in nutrient density of commercially grown fruits and veggies and increasing toxic loads in our water and air.

In reading Bernard Jensen’s book “Empty Harvest:  Understanding the Link Between Our Food, Our Immunity, and Our Planet”, it would seem wise for us to focus on what we think as well as remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience that needs support.

Week 21- Be Aware of What I Ask for (think about)

I love the message of aligning with Universal Mind and truly knowing how to pray from Haanel this week.  “…if a prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered, if the proper conditions are complied with.”  Since the subby does not judge, rather it complies with the dominant thought expressed with feeling, it is apparent that we are all getting what we ‘prayed’ for, large or small, positive or negative, constructive or chaotic.

I also appreciate the notion of thinking big thoughts crowds out small, often petty, ones. What a great insight to add fuel to my DMP.  Jim Rohn’s philosophy to ‘work harder on myself than I do on my business’ has been with me all week.

I also appreciate Mark, Davene and Team for setting the stage with their clever insights to systematically build better habits through the tools in the course.

Thanks all!


Week 20 -Spiritual Beings Having a Physical Experience

We must eat to think and we must think to control the negative electrons in our cells.  Our cells “know” their functions and live to regenerate themselves from this inner wisdom or God within.

Humans also have free will to choose and we have evidence of good and bad outcomes from those choices.  From my nutrition business experience I have witnessed both outcomes from food, lifestyle and thought processes.  Eat in alignment with nature, live in moderation, breathe deep and align with spirit in our thoughts and healthy outcomes are the result.  Leave any part out an the results are unpredictable at best.

Each of us are a drop of water in the ocean of the Great Whole.  Spirit calls us to feel well in order to think well and participate in the continuous forward movement of the Great Whole.